Single Delegate

Democracy in 1960: Challenges of the Second Korean Republic

The 1960s was not a smooth sailing one for the nation now known as the Republic of Korea. Having faced the 1950 Korean War, 1960 marked a new milestone with the resignation of Syngman Rhee as an actualization of one of the goals for the democracy movement. Rhee’s repression and tight hold of the young nation has come to an end and now, a new mode of government is installed. Democracy is up for grabs and it seems the clock is ticking for the young Second Korean Republic. 

The Second Korean Republic will have to be able to concoct solutions and address matters that will rejuve the nation. Economy, political climate, social welfare, diplomatic ties and perhaps so many more await the delegates. Of course, the cabinet will not be restricted to just these realms as delegates will take the role of the ministers in the Cabinet of President Yun Bo-seon, now tasked with making sure South Korea braves the storms of this new transition.