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Jogja International MUN (JOINMUN)

In 2012, Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM)’s MUN Community established its own international MUN competition. Throughout the years, Jogja International Model United Nations (JOINMUN) has become well-known as one of Indonesia’s most prestigious international MUN with hundreds of delegates participating from around 10 countries worldwide. In its eleventh year, JOINMUN seeks to create a most lasting impression of Indonesia’s plurality by bringing forth an exciting MUN experience enshrined with the values and principles of Peranakan Indo-Chinese culture.


JOINMUN 2022 marks the 11th annual conference, we have been known for the incorporation of MUN and Javanese culture’s goodness and this year will continue to preserve its uniqueness. We are proud to annouce the Grand Theme of JOUNMUN 2022: "Global Reconstruction: Towards a Peaceful and Prosperous Future". Attempting to conquer the past challenges and uncertainties, consequently, we will still be bringing the euphoria of MUNs and its intriguing social experience

Welcoming Remarks from the President:

It is truly an honor for me to be entrusted with the opportunity to direct this year’s Jogja International Model United Nations 2022 or also infamously recognized as JOINMUN. The year 2022 marks the eleventh celebration of this historic event. Over the years, it has been the landmark of the Indonesian MUN circuit—celebrating knowledge exchange and incorporating Jogja’s rich cultural heritage. JOINMUN’s legacy has been recognized by delegates and MUN enthusiasts from and beyond Indonesia. While preserving the most prominent JOINMUN feature of representing Javanese culture, this year, we bring forth a new concept: its acculturation with the Chinese culture from Yogyakarta’s Keraton.


JOINMUN 2022 will be adopting the grand theme of “Global Community Reconstruction: Towards a Peaceful and Prosperous Future” being reminded that the international community is undergoing reconstruction post-pandemic. We have experienced uncertainties for the past couple of years, and the few upcoming years will probably be no different; nonetheless, JOINMUN attempts to advance the idea of reintegration and normalization of society’s daily lives. JOINMUN will also be the benchmark of our success in overcoming the hurdles of the pandemic.


Wan Mohammad Alvaro Anza


Jogja International Model United Nations 2022


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Humanizing the Workforce: Normalization of Parental Leave as Means to Achieve Gender Equality



Fostering Socio-Cultural Welfare In the Midst of Rapid Industrialization



Mitigating Textile Waste: A Step Closer to Fashion Sustainability



Pathway to Economic Recovery: Utilization of Digital and Technological Advancement



Reinforcing the Global State of Marijuana: Rising Concerns and Controversies



Recover Together, Recover Stronger: Joint Finance-Energy Task Force



The CIL v. Rome Statute: Pre-Trial Chamber of al-Bashir



Democracy in 1960: Challenges of the Second Korean Republic



Nagorno-Karabakh: Procurement of Peace and Stability in Eurasia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When and where will the conferences be held?

A: This year, the conferences will be held online, starting from Friday, 30th September to Sunday, 2nd October 2022 over Zoom. As for the specific time of the conferences and several other events held in the course of JOINMUN 2022, please note that we will follow the Western Indonesian Time Zone (GMT+7).

Q: How much does the registration fee cost per delegate?

A: For the Early Bird registration, the registration price will be Rp. 130.000,00 for National delegates and $13.00 for International delegates. For the Regular Wave registration, the registration price will be Rp 150.000,00 for National delegates and $15.00 for International delegates. For the Last Wave registration, the registration price will be Rp 170.000,00 for National delegates and $17.00 for International delegates

Q: How long will the period of registration last?

A: Early Bird registration will start from 9 May to 6 June, the Regular Wave registration will be open from 13 June to 25 July and the Last Wave registration will commence from 1 August to 15 September. Don’t forget to register!

Q: What is a delegation? Can I sign up as a delegation? What’s the advantage of registering as a delegation?

A: A delegation is made up of several delegates who registered in JOINMUN 2022 as a group, they can be from the same institution but that isn’t always the case. This team of delegates are qualified to register as a delegation if it comprises a minimum of 5 delegates, this includes a Head Delegate who will act as the contact person for the delegation. The advantage of registering as a delegation is that you receive a discount of Rp 10.000,00 or $1 from the registration price for each delegate signing up in a delegation. However, delegation registration will only be available during the Regular and Last Wave of registration. 

Q: Can I register as an observer in JOINMUN 2022? How do I register as an observer?

A: Yes! JOINMUN 2022 will open an Observer registration. The registration process is the same as for a delegate but keep in mind that the required information to submit will be different. Registration for observers will be open during the Regular Wave and Last Wave.

Q: How much is the registration price for an observer?

A: JOINMUN 2022 set the registration price for observers at Rp 50.000,00 for National observer and $5 for International observer. You can make the payment by following the same instructions as delegate registration.

Q: What are the benefits that I will get as a delegate/observer?

A: Joining an MUN event as prestigious as JOINMUN 2022 will come with an abundance of benefits, from gaining knowledge upon relevant topics during committee sessions, an opportunity to build networks and relations with other MUN enthusiasts as well as to enjoy a 3-day event packed with activities. From the Opening and Closing ceremony that will be full of enchanting performances, an insightful session with keynote speakers and a fun and interactive social night.

Q: Will JOINMUN 2022 be restricted for delegates of Indonesian nationality? Or will foreign delegates be allowed to participate in JOINMUN 2022?

A: As we have long served you in the spirit of openness and inclusivity, JOINMUN 2022 will continue to open the conferences for the public of any nationality—Indonesian and non-Indonesian citizens—and both high school and university students are allowed to enroll.

Q: Are there any minimum age requirements to register as a delegate/observer?

A: There is no minimum age requirement for registering in JOINMUN 2022 as anyone will be able to participate as a delegate or observer.

Q: What am I supposed to do after submitting my registration form?

A: After you have completed the registration form, we will send you an email that contains the payment instructions. After receiving the email, National delegates are required to complete their payment within 3 (three) working days and International delegates within 5 (five) working days. Following the payment, the proof of payment must be uploaded to the link provided in the email. After your payment has been checked and confirmed, we will send a follow-up email that contains the receipt and Letter of Acceptance (LoA).

Q: If I have any queries, who am I supposed to contact and how?

A: Should you have any queries regarding the registration, please feel free to contact and reach us through jogjainternational.mun@gmail.com or reach out to us at our official social media accounts.

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